Joliet man arrested in fraudulent check scam

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DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - Decatur police have arrested one person in connection with a fraudulent check scheme that affected two central Illinois Farm & Fleet stores.

Decatur police say they received a report of forgery at Farm and Fleet, located at 1191 West South Side Drive on September 6.  An officer went to the store and talked with a manager, who said they had received several fraudulent checks, and that the individuals using the checks were purchasing items from the Decatur store, and returning them for cash at other Farm and Fleet stores.

According to police sworn statements, officers noticed that the forged checks had the name "Shawn Thompson," along with a Joliet address, printed on them.  However, the bank listed on the checks stated that the name did not match the routing number or account numbers for the bank.  Police say the manager reported that the individual who used the check was still at the store, which prompted the officer to speak with this person.

Decatur police say the individual provided the officer with an Illinois Driver's License, which identified him as Shawn Thompson, 25.  Police say the manager also added that after speaking with management at the Urbana store, it appeared that Thompson and a woman, who was no longer at the scene, was using fraudulent checks at the Urbana store, then returning the purchased items for cash.

According to the sworn statements, the officer made contact with a bank employee, who confirmed that the bank account the fraudulent checks were tied to did not belong to Thompson.  Thompson was then taken into custody.

During a Mirandized interview, Decatur police say Thompson admitted to making the purchases with the fraudulent checks, and that he refused to identify the woman who was reported to be with him during these purchases.

Thompson is facing preliminary charges of forgery and burglary.  The investigation into this incident is ongoing.

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