Honoring and remembering those who gave their lives to save someone else’s



The Effingham community hosted their 4th annual 9/11 Honor Stair Climb. Members of Effingham Fire, fire responders, community members gather at HSHS St. Anthony’s to climb 110 flights of stairs.

Jerrod Estes, National Fallen Firefighters Foundation Coordinator says, it's really cool to see our local firefighters and the public climb. The climb is meant to remind them that this is the same climb first responders did in New York City on the day of the attack.

Kelly Sager, Chief Nursing Officer for HSHS St. Anthony's Hospital says, on 9/11 it really connected Americans across the United State.  

A connection that hits home for firemen across the U.S. Chief Joe Holomy says they come together it does not’t matter where you're from, what your background is. They all stand by one another.

Veteran climbers and new climbers, everyone welcome to take part. This year 75 members of the community and local fire stations joined to climb 110 flights of stairs. The first year only had 8 climbers. Chris Thies a Toledo police officer and Abbott Ambulance paramedic says it’s eye opening for those that have never done it before and don't know the experience of a firefighter.

Six year old, Brandon David has been climbing for a while, and this year he finally hit the 110 flights of stairs.

All of the money raised by climbers and Effingham community members goes towards the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. Which is a foundation that helps survivors. They make sure not to walk away from someone who lost a firefighter.

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