Decatur man facing armed robbery, other charges

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DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – Police say a man they arrested stole from several people and committed armed robbery.

Dantwan Tyus, 32, is now behind bars after officers took him into custody on Sept. 8. He’s accused of four crimes dating back to August of this year

Decatur police say a man told officers that Tyus was in his house on Aug. 16 when he asked for money.  Police say Tyus became angry when the victim refused, pointing a broom handle at him and then threatening to have someone kill his dogs.  Tyus then followed the victim into a bedroom, where he pushed him onto a bed. He then left after the victim gave him some cash. 

Police say Tyus tied up the man’s hands at one point in the argument.

Tyus stands accused of stealing financial information from two women. Police say he convinced a 62-year-old woman, who has a mental impairment condition caused by a car accident, to buy a car from his grandfather. On Aug. 1, he went with her to cash a $700 social security check and created a card with it. Soon after he gave it to her, she found out the card had no money on it.

Tyus is also accused of taking the IL Link Card of a 61-year-old woman, who police say has medical problems that cause coordination and memory issues. Officers say the woman told them Tyus stole the card in a visit to her house.

Police say they found Tyus on Sept. 8 near the intersection of East Prairie Avenue and 18th St. in Decatur. Officers chased him through several streets before making an arrest.

Tyus is now in the Macon County Jail. He faces preliminary charges of identity theft, financial exploitation of the elderly, armed robbery and unlawful restraint.

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