Shoreline Classic race preparations

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DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - The Shoreline Classic is right around the corner. 

Runners need to prepare, as well as race officials. Squad Leader, Scott Broyles, says that a week before the race runners should start tapering down on miles. They should get plenty of rest and stay very hydrated. 

Another thing runners need to remember is eating the right foods. The morning on the race should be something light, Broyles says eating fruit or even oatmeal will be good to run on. 

Race officials however, need to prepare a little differently. There's a lot of people it takes to make the big race happen. 

John Pranschke says, he has committees and committee heads and he trusts those people to get the job done. It takes a village to make the race happen. 

From parking to making a power point for the awards, Pranschke says, all these little details and then somehow Sunday morning at 6 o'clock we meet and the fun begins. 

One of the features this year during the race, is runners will get the chance to run past the Decatur 9/11 Memorial. 

If you are invested in running the Shoreline Classic there is still time to sign up, registration closes on race day September 17th. You can register the race online. 

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