New tax credit available to teachers who purchase school supplies

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DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - Teachers in Illinois who use their own money to purchase supplies for their classrooms can utilize a new state tax credit to help offset the cost of those supplies.

Teachers, principals, and aides who work a minimum of 900 hours per school year at qualified schools are eligible for the credit.  The new credit can be claimed for the amount paid for school supplies and materials, up to a maximum of $250, and is in addition to the current $250 federal deduction.

State Representative Sue Scherer (D-Decatur), who sponsored this legislation, says, "Especially in the state's neediest school districts, teachers are spending hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars out of pocket on classroom expenses.  Not all families can afford to purchase the required school supplies or to replenish items like glue sticks, pencils and paper throughout the year, so at times teachers fill this need with their own money."

For more information about this new credit, call (217) 877-9636 or email

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