Sheriff Schneider to step down - To be replaced by Buffett


Decatur, Ill (WAND) – Macon County Sheriff Tom Schneider is expected to retire at the end of the week.

An official announcement is expected on Friday.  It is anticipated he will be replaced by Undersheriff Howard Buffett. 

“He has worked closely with me over the last 5 years and I feel that he is capable of running the office in my absence,” Schneider stated in a letter written earlier this year referring to Buffett.  Schneider indicated in the letter his desire to have Buffett replace him in the event he passed away before the end of his term.  Schneider tells WAND News he is in good health.

Buffett does not intend to run for sheriff in 2018 and is anticipated to simply be an interim replacement until a new sheriff is elected and sworn-in.

Three lieutenants in the Sheriff’s Office are expected to run for sheriff in 2018.  They are Republican Jim Root and Democrats Jon Butts and Tony Brown.

Schneider has served as sheriff since 2008.

We've included Sheriff Schneider's statement on this situation below:

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