Pana residents divided on Sunday alcohol sales

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PANA,ILL (WAND)- Residents in Pana are divided on whether the city should allow alcohol sales on Sunday. 

"I'd be for it. It's just taking business from the town by not selling it on Sunday. People are going to other towns to buy alcohol, so I would be for it." said Doug, a Pana resident. 

The City Council gave the go ahead for the city attorney to draft an ordinance on Monday. However, residents are hesitant to make the change. 

"I don't think they should sell alcohol on Sundays keep it like it is now" said Charnelle, a Pana resident. 

Many opponents thought Sundays should be reserved for the Lord, and not for liquor. However, supporters think it would help with revenue for the city. 

"I think it would help the city bring more income to our City Hall and the city if they were to sell alcohol on Sundays." said Jerry, a Pana resident.

Supporters also argued that residents in Pana are already buying alcohol on Sundays, just not in Pana. 

"It's just taking money from the town. By not selling it everybody is going to other towns for alcohol. Other towns sell on Sunday, I don't know why Pana doesn't," said Doug. 

Jerry, who has lived in Pana for 40 years, says this isn't the first time he recalls the Pana City Council discussing this issue. 

"I believe they have passed it several years ago and now it's back to where it was at, but I don't see a problem with it because it would help the city out." he said. 

The city could vote on the ordinance on October 9, giving residents two City Council meetings to voice their opinions. 

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