Macon County child support program ending


DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - The Macon County Board has decided to end one of the State's Attorney Office's long-time programs.

The program is called 4D or the Child Support Enforcement Unit and was created in the 1980's. At any given time, the program has around 10,000 active child support cases.

At a Finance Committee meeting in August, it was discussed that the board was facing a 6.2 percent budget cut. It was determined the cut would eliminate the child support program altogether. Eliminating the program will save the county almost $27,000. Ending the program will also leave six people unemployed. Macon County State's Attorney Jay Scott says the program is federally funded, but the county was responsible for fringe benefits like paying for employees insurance, which he says the board no longer wanted to do.

Scott says it is not the action his office wanted to take, but ensures that all cases will be heard. He says, "The cases are going to get handled, the children are still going to get their money. And we're going to do everything we can to make sure the Attorney General steps right into it on day one and handles the cases appropriately."

The program is scheduled to end on December 1. By law, all of the cases will be taken over by the Attorney General's Office. Around 90 other counties are represented by the Attorney General. 

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