Portable toilets suggested as poop problem fix

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) – Springfield leaders are working to tackle a pooping problem in public areas.

People in the city have noticed human waste and urine all over the place, from alleys to parking garages and lots. A proposal is on the table in Springfield to build two new portable toilets, giving homeless people in the city a place to use the bathroom.

They would be installed in two places, with one near the St. John’s Bread Line (North 5th Street) and the other next to the library and police station.

Renting two portable toilets would cost the city about $170 per month. City leaders, coming together from the city council and other areas of government, met in the last week to talk about finding funding. They say that money could come from the city budget or from the help of companies in the area.

Springfield leaders say the project is still in early stages. 

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