Forsyth family among the crowd during Vegas shooting

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FORSYTH, Ill. (WAND) - The gunshots have ended in Las Vegas, but one Forsyth family still hears them when they close their eyes.

Brian Huggins, his wife, son and daughter-in-law attended the Route 91 Harvest Musical Festival after his children got his wife tickets for Mother's Day. They attended all three days of the festival.

However, on the last day, near the end of the concert series, the unimaginable happened, and the Huggins family found themselves running for their lives. 

Brian Huggins says, "It was the middle of the last set and the pops happened, and you thought it was maybe the audio equipment, and then they just kept going."

He says his family was on the east side of the concert area on an elevated platform. As shots were being fired, he and his son decided it was best to get out of the fenced in concert grounds. They ducked on the ground for a short time, then made their way to stairs and headed to a fence. However, there was not an official exit near them, so Brian and his son pulled apart the fence creating an opening for the family to leave. During that time, Brian and his wife were separated from his son and daughter-in-law. Brian says he and his wife ran about two miles and ended up at a gas station where they made contact with their son. Their son was able to get the car and pick them up from the gas station.

Brian says his son and daughter-in-law live about 25 minutes from the Las Vegas strip, and on the ride back, they could only think of the 'what-if's.' Brian says, "What if we were over here, what if we were over there?"

Brian and his wife are now back home safely in Forsyth. He says, he is not sure if there is a correct way to process the situation they were apart of, but he says, "The quiet becomes more of a problem because all we can here are the shots when we close our eyes."

With the horrific event leaving a terrible memory, Brian says there were some things that stood out to him in the time of tragedy. He says that he was amazed by the response from first responders. He says as everyone else ran away, they ran toward the shots. 

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