Suspect in Mattoon school shooting in court

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MATTOON, Ill. (WAND) - A teen accused of firing shots at a Mattoon school was in court Thursday.

The suspect appeared at the Coles County Courthouse. His hearing was at 3 p.m. When he came in the courtroom he was in casual clothes and handcuffed. He waved to some family members in the room.

His attorney later asked if the cuffs could be removed which the judge said was fine.

During Thursday's hearing the judge reviewed the case, which appears to be a bit of a standstill. The juvenile's attorney and the states attorney are both waiting for documents.

The suspect met with a doctor and attorneys are waiting for that review, as well as for the police reports. They said Mattoon police has interviewed over 200 people following the school shooting.

The Coles County States Attorney says this case is a first of it's kind here.

"Juvenile cases as a general rule are tragic because it's hard to see children in trouble," Brian Bower, Coles County States Attorney, says. "Obviously the factors that you are looking at in this situation is just more and more tragic, and tragic beyond belief."

The suspect will remain in a juvenile detention center until his next hearing on Nov. 17. We're told his family is able to visit.

After the hearing he was escorted out and family members yelled to him that they loved him.

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