Protesters yelling to end bullying in Mattoon

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MATTOON, Ill. (WAND) - A small group stood along the road in Mattoon Sunday afternoon. 

The group is holding signs protesting bullying that they say has been going on.

Jessye Lawrence the organizer of the protest says, we need to do something about it. They are just sweeping it under the rug day after day and letting these bullies just go free handed with slaps on the wrist. There's got to be something more that we can do. 

Parents, students and community members showing their support is angry. sad, and disappointed. 

 "I am beyond fed up with the bullying and the excuses that is going on in our entire community.  Many parents protesting because their children are victims of bullying," Tiffany Lanman the assistant protest organizer said. "I personally have three children who have been bullied since elementary school. One of my children has not been in school for three weeks due to the bullying. I am here for my children and I am here for every other child that needs defending."

Mandy Pauley and her daughter stood with signs.

"Why is this happening? I send my daughter to school for 8 hours you're supposed to take care of her. I am upset. I cry all the time," said Pauley

Everyone standing is pleading and asking for justice for those hurt.

"I want everybody to know how serious this is. This is happening everywhere. There are kids on Facebook saying I got bullied, too," said Pauley.

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