Local pastor, comfort dog make journey to Las Vegas

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MILFORD, Ill. (WAND) - Two important members of Our Savior Lutheran Church traveled to Las Vegas to help provide comfort to those affected by the mass shooting on October 1.

Pastor Karl Gibbs tells WAND-TV he traveled to Las Vegas with his comfort dog, Mahlah, on October 3.  Pastor Gibbs says Mahlah, along with dozens of other comfort dogs from Lutheran Church Charities, helped provide relief for those affected by the shooting.

While Pastor Gibbs has returned to central Illinois, a second wave of Lutheran Church Charities comfort dogs are making their way to Las Vegas.  Pastor Gibbs adds that his and Mahlah's journey to Las Vegas was part of Lutheran Church Charities' response to the shooting.

Lutheran Church Charities comfort dogs visit areas affected by natural disasters, serious incidents, and anywhere they can help provide peace of mind.  For more information, click here.

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