U of I students make documentary of veterans

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URBANA, Ill. (WAND): University of Illinois students are trying to find veterans.

"Myself and a few other students are starting an organization on campus where we're going to be interviewing veterans and then making documentaries for the veterans and their families," Caitlyn Schneeman, a U of I junior, says.

Caitlyn, along with other members of the University of Illinois Veterans Project, say this was something they loved doing in high school.

"And then I came here and there was nothing like it and we just wanted to start something similar," Schneeman says.

The group is looking for veterans with the goal of simply preserving their military experience.

"We're just interested in documenting their stories and honoring the veterans," she says.

The project is seeking all types of veterans, including those who served in war, in peace, or even recently in Afghanistan.

"I think its a good way to honor the veteran more personally because at the end of the day they get to take home a documentary that's about them and their life," Schneeman says. "One day when they pass away it can be like passed down in their family and their family can know how important their family member was."

They want veterans to know that any amount of service is worth documenting.

"Even if they don't think their story is important, I know a lot of veterans don't think they're important enough to be interviewed or important enough to have made a documentary about them, that they should still reach out because we want to hear their story," Schneeman says.

You can view the University of Illinois Veterans Project here.

If you are a veteran or know a veteran that would be interested, contact uiucveteranproject@gmail.com or call 815-979-1932.

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