Anti-bullying bracelets cause backlash


MATTOON, Ill. (WAND) - Mandy Pauley is a mom, who's fed up with the bullying.

"My child is being bullied. I have three son's that are being bullied. There are a number of children in Mattoon being bullied, and it needs to stop," Pauley said.

After the recent school shooting at Mattoon High School, Pauley decided to make bracelets that say anti-bullying, and also have the accused shooters name on it. However, she got some backlash from making them. 

"They don't understand the message," said Pauley  

She says her daughter wore the bracelet and when she did a teacher at school rolled her eyes and she wasn't very happy. 

"For anybody that's ever been bullied, I made these for them," Pauley said. 

Pauley says whenever she puts on the anti-bully bracelet she feels strong. 

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