Sheriff's Office looking for Champaign man

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WAND): The Champaign County Sheriff's Office needs your help. Police are searching for 22 year old Curtis Morris.

"We're trying to get information about an arson that we are investigating - or a possible arson we're investigating," Allen Jones, Chief Deputy with the Sheriff's Office, says.

The fire happened early Monday morning at 1407 Kings Way Drive in Champaign.

"I do believe that there were occupants at the home at the time of the fire but they were able to get out without any problems at all," Deputy Jones says.

They want to speak with Morris about how the fire started.

"We think that he's got some information that may be able to help us further along our investigation," Deputy Jones says. "We're not sure what's [his] involvement, or even if he had any involvement."

Police say they is also a separate warrant out for his arrest.

"What's unique is that Mr. Morris is currently wanted on a warrant and so in the process of trying to find him we need to go through and have that warrant served and start the process with that," Deputy Jones says.

That warrant is regarding sex offender registration.

Police say they don't want anyone to apprehend Morris. Instead, they say if you have information about his whereabouts call 911 or Champaign County Crime Stoppers.

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