Task force to ensure campus events stay peaceful

Protests at "Melting Snowflakes" event on U of I campus Protests at "Melting Snowflakes" event on U of I campus

URBANA, Ill. (WAND) – University of Illinois campus leaders want to make sure all viewpoints have the chance to be heard on campus.

WAND-TV’s partners at The News-Gazette report the university has already put time and effort into figuring out how to make sure political events can be hosted in a welcoming way. Interim Provost John Wilkin is in charge of creating a task force for that purpose.

A selection of students, school staff and administrators will take time to come up with policies for making sure these types of events are peaceful. Wilkin told the newspaper that education from differing viewpoints and their “uncomfortable” nature needs its time at the forefront, especially in America’s charged political environment.

The U of I campus in Urbana played host to a “Melting Snowflakes” event earlier in October, which featured a conservative speaker named Charlie Kirk. University leaders say they were happy with how that event played out, because Kirk successfully had his platform and protests around the event stayed civil. The task force would make sure future events have the same result.

The News-Gazette says Chancellor Robert Jones believes people need to have “real conversations” and try to “understand the other” on issues. 

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