Girls allowed to join Boy Scout programs

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(WAND) - The Boy Scouts of America have announced that girls will soon be allowed to join Cub Scout programs.

The organization made the announcement on Wednesday.  The decision has seen both support and opposition, including here in central Illinois.

Lincoln Trails Council Scout Executive Chris Long says, "We're going to be allowing girls in our programs beginning in the fall of 2018, and later on in 2019, they'll be able to join an older girl program much like Boy Scouts.  We have a lot of families that have been asking for this for many years. And finally the Boy Scouts have taken a look at and have decided this is the right time to do this."

Eagle Scout Jack Kaufman agrees with the organization's recent decision.  "This is something I have said the Boy Scouts needed to do for years. There's a big difference between a Girl Scout program and a Boy Scout program. They're both great, there's absolutely nothing wrong with Girl Scouts but it's a different program."

However, the decision isn't popular with everyone, as some argue that allowing girls into Boy Scout programs will cause Girl Scout programs to lose members.

For more information about the Boy Scouts of America, click here.

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