Fraternal Order of Police offering Halloween safety tips

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) - The Illinois Fraternal Order of Police is offering several safety tips for families this Halloween.

The Fraternal Order of Police encourage families to make sure that children are accompanied by responsible adults, have costumes that are flame-resistant and have reflective material, know how to cross streets safely, and know what route they will be taking that evening.

Parents are also encouraged to remind their children to no go into a stranger's house or car unless a trusted, responsible adult is with the and says ok.  Additionally, parents should check local and state sex offender websites to see if there are any offenders on your route, and to make sure children avoid those homes.

The Illinois FOP also says parents should check all treats received before letting their children eat them, and should remind children that it is wrong to vandalize property or hurt animals.  Drivers are also urged to not drive while impaired or distracted, and to use extra caution when driving near crosswalks, intersections, the side of the road, and by parked cars.

Illinois FOP President Chris Southwood says, "Kids and their parents can have a safe and enjoyable trick-or-treating experience by following these few, simple safety tips.  Illinois' law enforcement officers urge everyone to make sure the only scares this Halloween are the make-believe kind."

For more information about the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police, click here.

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