Schools find lead in drinking water

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WAND): Another school district is dealing with a lead problem in the water.   

The Champaign School District found traces of lead in 13 water fountains across the district. 6 had lead content high enough the state requires the district to notify parents.

The discovery comes after state required testing.

The district says they wanted to get the testing out of the way before the January 1st deadline.

"We've tried to be very transparent as the report came out about what we found," Dr. Susan Zola, Superintendent of Unit 4 schools, says. "And certainly individual families will make decisions that meet best support their children but i feel very safe in the decisions and would be very comfortable drinking from the our drinking fountains in any of our buildings moving forward."

The district will label several sinks that were also found to contain lead to be hand-use only.

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