Larger than life attractions set Lincoln Illinois apart


LINCOLN, Ill. (WAND)- Lincoln Illinois is a town with many things to see, and some are larger the than life.

"A lot of people come and see it on a daily basis I'm estimating hundreds of thousands a year," said Geoff Ladd a guide with the Illinois Route 66 Scenic Byway.

In 2007, the tourism bureau and a local philanthropist brought the world's largest covered wagon to Lincoln.

"The Guinness world record is very significant for the wagon,” added Ladd.  “The wagon is 40 feet long, 25 feet tall, 13 feet wide and the record specifies that it has to be moveable the wheels have to work. So, we have the element to it as well."

Residents of Lincoln say that having all the attractions in their town, is a fun experience because you never know who you will meet.

"I like all of them but I do think this is pretty neat,” said the Mayor of Lincoln Seth Goodman referring to the world’s largest covered wagon. “Any time of the day you can come by here you will see people out here taking photos.”

While the wagon is one of the main attractions in the Route 66 town, certain sculptures keep people coming back.  

"The cow and the corn statue, is becoming another very popular Rout 66 art attraction here in Lincoln Illinois," added Ladd. “It has a very unique feel to it, I think it fits right in with the quirky mode of Lincoln. The downtown is also a terrific area in terms of shopping, but it also has a phone booth on top if city hall."

The artist of the cow and corn sculpture says he hopes when people see his work, it makes them smile.

"They were happy we successfully did the constellation sculpture and they had faith in us,” said Moses Pinkerton the creator of cow in the corn sculpture. “It's made out of a quarter inch steel just welded and painted nothing to elaborate."

Even the sculpture commemorates its ties to Route 66. However, locals say the town is more than its attractions.

"I love the small town aspect,” says Cristine Wibben the Executive Director of tourism in Lincoln.  “I love that everyone knows everybody the friendly people, and I love being able to be involved. All the excitement that people have about our town and all the things there are to do, is just truly amazing."

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