Nursing home faces fines over 2 deaths

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URBANA, Ill. (WAND) – A nursing home is facing fines after two of its residents died this year.

The two deaths involved a man’s suicide in February and a woman’s death in June. The News-Gazette reports Champaign County, which owns the home, will have to pay $75,000 to the Illinois Department of Health.

The man died from self-strangulation, leading to a type AA fine. The state government is accusing the home of not monitoring the 90-year-old closely enough and failing to help when he had suicidal intentions. The fine sits at $50,000 in that case.

The other $25,000 fine, stemming from a type A violation, came after 78-year-old Sonya Kington died outside on a hot day in June. The News-Gazette says nursing home workers found her on her back in a courtyard. The home is accused of keeping a door open, causing an alarm in the building’s Alzheimer’s Unit to stop responding. The newspaper says the woman then walked outside without anyone hearing and sat in the sun for over three hours.

The News-Gazette says the Illinois Department of Public Health has given out 23 type A and AA fines in a period from July to September in 2017.

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