Thief steals the LOL from Illiopolis


Illiopolis, Ill (WAND) – An alphabet thief has stolen the LOL from Illiopolis.

A concrete sign sitting along the highway as you enter the Sangamon County Village since the early 50s has been the target of theft.  A crook stole three letters from the Illiopolis sign, L-O-L.

“Everybody’s laughing about it because they’re saying laugh out loud,” Mayor Sam Rogers told WAND’s Doug Wolfe.  “I’m kind of upset about it.  Something we’ve had for about 65 years and people just don’t respect other people’s property.”

The three letters are made of concrete.  The mayor would like to see them returned without being broken.  If not, new letters will have to be produced.

Anyone with a tip as to where the letters are located should contact the village office or the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office.  If a person is arrested for stealing the letters the village will have the last laugh, LOL. 

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