ISP offers tips for safe Halloween

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ILLINOIS (WAND) - Illinois State Police are offering several tips to help keep families safe this Halloween.

Troopers say with Halloween around the corner, kids will likely be thinking about their costumes and candy instead of the dangers they could face.  Therefore, officials are offering tips to help keep trick-or-treaters safe.

Pedestrians are encouraged to stay off of roads unless crossing at crosswalks or intersections, and that a responsible adult should accompany children.  If an adult is not present, children should only travel in familiar areas along pre-established routes.

Reflective tape and flashlights should be used to increase visibility, and trick-or-treating should be restricted to homes with porch or outside lights on.  Children should also know their address and phone number, avoid jack-o-lanterns lit with candles, and should never enter a home or apartment unless accompanied by an adult.

Adults are urged to set a time for older children to return home, and to examining treats prior to consumption.  Drivers are also reminded to drive slowly, and to keep their eyes on the road to watch for children darting into the street.

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