Local family doesn't put price tag on Halloween

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ARCOLA, Ill. (WAND) - The Adams family doesn't put a price tag on celebrating Halloween. 

April Adams says just the faces and stuff alone are almost $3,000. Overall there are tens and thousands of dollars here. She says it's been a family tradition. 

The Adams family usually sets their Halloween display along a haunted hike, but the death of a family member made them stay home this year. 
Adams says her brother passed away two days before her son started school. She says he was such a big part of the family and part of our crew and did everything like this.
Staying home didn't mean stopping the celebration. Adams says she spent hours and sometimes days on it. It's been a little bit here and a little bit there the faces alone took about an hour and a half each to just plug in. 
The main reason behind spending the big bucks, Adams says, is because her family loves Halloween. 

The Adams family house is along Circle Drive in Arcola. They will have over 4,000 pieces of candy. April they will have a light display at Christmas time.

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