I-TEAM Update: Essure lawsuits spike in U.S.


Decatur -  Bayer is seeing a spike in lawsuits over a controversial birth control device called Essure.

As the I-TEAM reported exclusively last week Essure is a product consisting of two metal coils implanted in a woman’s fallopian tubes to block conception.  Thousands of women who use the product complain of severe side effects including pelvic pain, bleeding, weight gain, hair loss and perforated internal organs.

In January 2017, Bayer reported in a financial statement it was facing lawsuits from nearly 3,700 Essure users.  As of October 12, 2017, the company indicated those suits have more than doubled.  Bayer confirms it is currently facing 10,600 lawsuits from U.S. Essure users.  The company has repeatedly stated it believes Essure is safe.

Bayer has removed Essure from every global market with the exception of the United States.  The FDA required Bayer in 2016 to place a “black box warning” on Essure packaging warning of possible side effects.

Essure lawsuits are also pending in Canada.

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