Library to improve technology with grant

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DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – A central Illinois library is claiming a five-figure donation.

A total of $12,200 will go the Decatur Public Library to help people with internet access, according to State Sen. Andy Manar. The money is coming from a grant through the Illinois Secretary of State’s Project Next Generation program.

The idea behind the gift is to give kids the technology they need to develop a skill set in today’s high-tech world. Manar says the result should help at-risk students grow confident in their ability to succeed with technology, with the money going to places that need it most.

“If we expect children to succeed as adults, we have to narrow the digital divide,” Manar said. “This grant helps to ensure that children who don’t have computers or the Internet at home can enjoy access to these vital tools at the local library.”  

Find out more about the Decatur Public Library here.

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