Service dogs dress up to raise money

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URBANA, Ill. (WAND): "Jurassic Bark" took over the main quad at the University of Illinois today.

"It's a fundraiser so students come, they donate one dollar and then they get to pet our dogs," Andrea Carlson, President of the Illini Service Dogs, says.

It's unique opportunity since these dogs have a job to do.

"Our dogs are service dogs in training so it's kind of a rare thing that you get to pet them and interact with them on the quad like this," Carlson says.

The money helps cover the cost of the dogs, which can run around $10,000 dollars a dog. Illini Service Dogs is a non for profit, placing the dogs for free which makes fundraiser all the more important.

"So it's a huge cost not, even acknowledging the fact that there's a big waiting list for a lot of people to get one," Carlson says. "So that was the point in our founder making our club, we are trying to make it a little bit easier for a few other people."

Carlson says she hopes events like today educate people about service dogs and the etiquette you should use around working dogs.

"Every time a student comes up and donates a dollar we try to encourage our members to say, 'yeah our dogs are training to be mobility service dogs, let me tell you a little about what that is'," Carlson says. "So it also offers us the opportunity to educate people a little bit as well."

The Jurassic Bark-ers were the selfie queens of campus today.

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