Generous donation gives Urbana Parks Foundation a sculpture

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URBAnA, Ill. (WAND): An Urbana couple is giving back.

Greg and Dixie Whitt live near Meadowbrook Park. They can see the "Diamonds are Forever" sculpture from their window.

They recently gave the Urbana Parks Foundation $75,000 dollars to purchase the sculpture, making it a permanent fixture in the park.

The two say they met the artist before he died and admire his work.

"Meadowbrook Park is kind of an unusual park," Greg Whitt says as his wife, Dixie, nods in agreement. "It's marvelous in terms of the nature and the art which are all present in one place and so it's hard to find a better place to contribute to."

The couple says they walk the park every day and they enjoy seeing kids playing near the sculpture.

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