Law enforcement ensuring kids are safe on Halloween

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DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - Every year before trick-or-treating on Halloween, Macon County Sheriff's Office and Decatur Police Department go door to door of registered child sex offenders to remind them of the laws they must follow.

With the help of a story WAND aired nearly 15 years ago and State Representative Bill Mitchell, legislators passed a law requiring all registered child sex offenders to turn their outside house light off, so children do not go to the door trick-or-treating.

Sergeant Dale Pope with the Sheriff's Office says, "I think it's good for the community to see us out here engaging with these people to let them know as a reminder we care about our kids, and we want you to understand we didn't just pass this law willy nilly. We passed it because we want you to take it serious."

He says it ensures a safe Halloween experience for all.

To find out if you have registered offenders living near you, go to the Illinois State Police website

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