Windows, cars damaged by BB gunshots

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DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – A second string of damage from BB gunshots has locals on edge.

Decatur police are looking into several calls of property damage that came in Monday evening on the north and west sides of the city. In one of those cases, a man on North Walnut Grove said someone shot out the window of his van, while a family said someone cut their car’s power cord.

A woman said she and her son were in a car when someone shot its window.

“I thought maybe it was a rock, so I turned around and looked and saw it was completely spider-webbed and shattered,” said Megan Park. “So I stopped and pulled over because my son was in the other side on the passenger side in the back. (I) made sure he was OK, and he was, so I turned around and came back this way and called the cops.”

Police say a cluster of BB gun damage reports on Decatur’s west side seem related. They have not determined if damage caused on the north side is connected to the other cases.

Police are also investigating reports of BB gun shots fired from after 11 p.m. Sunday. Those cases happened in the area near Ramsey Drive and Summit Avenue. Police don’t have any suspects at this time.  Anyone with information should call Decatur officers at  (217)424-2711.

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