Park board favors new Decatur air service


DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – In a Wednesday straw poll, members of the Decatur Park Board unanimously favored partnering with a new airline to serve the city’s airport.

On Monday, current provider Air Choice One and new bidders Cape Air and SkyWest offered proposals for air service to Decatur. SkyWest offered two daily jet flights to Chicago, while Cape Air offered six flights each weekday, serving both Chicago and St. Louis.

During the Park Board’s meeting Wednesday, three members said they would vote for Cape Air, while two said they would vote for SkyWest.

“Cape Air will be having six flights to Chicago, four flights to St. Louis,” said board president Bob Brilley after the meeting. “The baggage will be changed around without problems, no charge for the baggage.”

The board plans an official vote on the matter Friday.

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