Park board accepts amphitheater bid

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DECATUR, Ill. (WAND)- The Decatur Park Board accepted a $3.9 million bid to build an amphitheater in Nelson Park.

The winning bid came from Christy-Foltz Construction Services of Decatur. Two other bids ranged up to $4.7 million. The board required each bid finish work in 270 days.

“Our target date is the end of July,” said Larry Livergood of Architectural Expressions. “Obviously, Mother Nature’s going to come into play, but everybody will be working towards that date.”

The board also received alternate bids which called for features not included in the basic design.

“What’s covered under the base bid is the original project scope, and what’s covered under alternates are recommendations from other amphitheater facilities, as well as recommendations from our acoustic and theatrical consultants.”

In 2016, the Howard G. Buffett Foundation gave $4 million for the project.

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