Accident detour causes second accident

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WESTVILLE, Ill. (WAND): Traffic was rerouted on North State Street Tuesday night after juveniles were hit by a car. A few hours later, a second accident happened one block away.

Police say a box truck t-boned an SUV with four kids in it. All four children and the mother were taken to an area hospital.

The Westville Police Department says people drive too fast on State Street.

With a staff of only 4 full time officers they say managing multiple calls puts a strain on the station.

"For a small town it's a lot, ya know," David Booe, Westville Police Department Chief, says. "I mean just about everybody was called in to work, you know, so especially with our State Street being a highway it's pretty hectic out there sometimes."

Everyone from that crash is expected to be alright.

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