HSHS St. John's receives large donation

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SPRINGFIELD,Ill (WAND)- HSHS St. John's Hospital received a large donation from the Downtown Springfield Kiwanis Club allowing them to buy sensory carts. 

The club pledged to donate $35,000 to the hospital, which will help to buy 7 carts over the next 7 years. The carts are used to help children improve attention and their focus. 

"What the sensory cart does is it provides visual stimulation, auditory stimulation, touch stimulation and it will help improve their attention it will help improve their focus." said Julie Green, Facilitator, Pediatric Rehabilitation at the hospital. 

"We decided this would be a good thing in the long term commitment is important because its more than just one cart to fill the needs of the hospital" said John Nelson, President of the Downtown Springfield Kiwanis. 

Donations help the hospital go above and beyond for their patients. 

"The charitable donations really allow us to push everything one step above and provide awesome levels of care to our kids." said Green. 

It's the Kiwanis way of giving back. 

"Anybody who comes into the hospital as a patient or as a family member of a patient is in need. They may be the wealthiest in the country but when they are in a hospital they are in need and its up to us to provide those needs and to help make a very unpleasant experience a little bit less unpleasant." said Nelson. 

Sensory carts can be used to help children with autism and other sensory disorders. 

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