Two opioid deaths bring a community together to help find answers


ATWOOD, Ill. (WAND) - In the past two and a half weeks the Atwood community lost two people to an opioid overdose. 

Community leaders came together at United Church of Atwood to discuss the recent opioid deaths and talk about what leaders can do to fight the crisis. 

Police chief Rob Bross spoke to the community about the the recent death investigations and then talked about what opioids are. Bross also talked about ways the department is trying to fight the opioid crisis. However, tonight he wanted to hear from the community and find out their opinions about fighting the opioid epidemic. 

Connie Gyorr, is a Monticello mother. She lost her daughter in 2016 to an opioid overdose. She came to Atwood to talk with the community about her struggle and why opioids are a huge problem. She started a campaign called Marissa's Purpose  to make people aware of the opioid crisis. 

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