Illinois National Guard troops deployed to Puerto Rico

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CHICAGO, Ill (WAND)- Governor Rauner sends more than 150 troops to provide additional security for Puerto Rico. 

More than 150 Illinois Army National Guard Military Police soldiers left for the hurricane-ravaged island Saturday morning, where they will assist with the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

"The people of Illinois prove time and time again that we rally together in times of crisis." Rauner said. "Our fellow Americans need us. Many of them have lost everything, I'm proud that we can step up and send our Guard troops in to help relieve some of the pressure they're experiencing in Puerto Rico." 

Puerto Rico requested the assistance through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact. Under the EMAC agreement, Puerto Rico agreed to reimburse Illinois for all the deployment expenses which is estimated to top $948,000. 

"They have a tough mission ahead of them as they continue to provide a safe and secure environment as recovery efforts continue we expect in the next 30 days or so they will redeploy back to the United States" said Major General Richard J. Hayes, the Adjutant General of the Illinois National Guard. 

The troops will provide extra security, escort relief conveys, and conduct law enforcement patrols. 

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