The Sharpe House aids sobriety

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TAYLORVILLE, Ill (WAND)- The Sharpe House is helping men struggling with addiction find a safe place to recover. 

The Sharpe House is a faith based sober living facility and program in Taylorville. It is run by Dennis Metsker and his wife Chris, giving men a place to come to when they decide to fight their addiction. 

"The idea is to give me another chance, a chance that some of them never had." said Dennis. 

Dennis, was once an addict himself, and is now using his experience to show others that there is hope. 

"I was a 25 year addict and for me to able to talk one on one to users, I understand what they are going through. And they see hope, they see hope that someone actually made it," he said. "It goes back to the same thing, it is all about hope. Giving another chance and to understand that others have been there and others have made it."

"When you walk in their shoes, you have been where they are at now ,I think it gives you a different perspective." added Chris. 

The Metsker's say in the short time since they opened The Sharpe House, the community has been extremely supportive.

"The community has been behind us 100 percent. We have received so many messages, so many thoughts, so many donations, whether it is monetary or whether it is clothes." said Chris.

 "In such a small time. We are talking six months, being only open for four months, the amount of community support has just been unreal" said Dennis.

The overwhelming support from the community is not lost on the Metsker's who know first hand the stigma that addiction can carry. 

"For people to support it when it did have that stigma, it's overwhelming and I can't think of any other word than overwhelmed." said Chris. 

The Metsker's hope the Sharpe House can become a home for recovering addicts throughout the community so they don't have to fight the battle alone. 

"There is help out there for recovery, don't feel like it's the end of the road because you are an addict. There is help out there." said Chris.

For anyone interested in the facility call Dennis at 217-254-5027 or email at

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