Governor Candidate Chris Kennedy calls for gun control

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill (WAND)- In the wake of yet another massacre Democratic Governor Candidate Chris Kennedy is calling on lawmakers to enact real gun reform. 

"I feel so bad for the families down in Texas, I feel doubly bad for them because it didn't have to be like this. The idea that somebody can be involved in an abuse relationship can have a gun, that is outrageous." he told WAND. 

Kennedy spoke on how Illinois can draw from other state's laws on gun control. 

"Other states have enacted legislation that allow courts to go in and remove an owners right to a gun if they are in the middle of a domestic dispute like that or have been arrested. And that is what we could do here in Illinois, and other people have done it around the country." 

Kennedy also called on Illinois lawmakers, even members of his own party, to pass real gun control measures, instead of voting on bills purely for show.

"I just think that time and again we just use that strategy of using messaging votes instead of passing real legislation to quickly affect and better peoples lives," he said. "But the American public is getting sick of do nothing legislators standing around claiming tho have done something when nothing occurred and people are being killed." 

Kennedy mention the failure of the bump stock ban in the House in October, which only drummed up 48 votes in support, far short of the 71 needed. He also spoke in support of a measure that imposes stricter regulations on gun dealers, and closing gun show loopholes. 

Lawmakers will be in town Tuesday for the final week of fall session, where they could take up the gun dealer licensing measure.

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