Menorah theft suspects receive court summons

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WAND) – Two University of Illinois students accused of stealing part of a campus menorah will soon appear in court.

Jacob Bassler and Nicholas Gustafson, both 18, are the suspects. Police say security cameras around the Chabad Center for Jewish Life at the U of I showed them “tampering” with the menorah display and then leaving the scene with a menorah branch. Both men went through an interview process with campus police.

Police say the menorah branch is back on display but doesn’t work at this point.

The two men are also accused of stealing a shopping cart from a grocery store, valued at $127.58.

Officers say the criminal damage to property charge is a Class 4 felony since it happened at a religious facility. The men both face that charge and a second for theft. Campus police did not provide an exact court date for the suspects.

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