Task Force has 31 ideas to help Champaign race relations

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WAND): A community group released its final report on race relations in the county after more than 2 years of study.

The Racial Justice Task Force is a group of 21 volunteers appointed by the Champaign County Board. The group was organized after a study showed more than 50 percent of inmates in the county jail were African American.

Champaign County as a community is only 13 percent African American.

The task force has now released 31 recommendations to the county board on how to improve racial disparities.

"We know that jail and incarceration does not create positive outcomes for the people that are being incarcerated or [for] our community," Sara Balgoyen, a Racial Justice Task Force co-chair, says. "So the end goal is reducing the jail population but really specifically focused in on the racial disparities."

The recommendations include improving training and hiring practices for law enforcement and fair housing for former inmates.

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