Murals, railroads at center of downtown Clinton

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CLINTON, Ill. (WAND) – Several things about Clinton have stamped their mark on Illinois history.

One of the first things someone who visits the town will notice is the railroads, which run through as a connection point to destinations across the state. Railroads started coming through Clinton in 1854.

“We are halfway between Decatur and Bloomington, halfway between Champaign and Springfield (and) halfway between Chicago and St. Louis,” said Patrick Paterson of the Celebrate Clinton Foundation. “It’s equal distance, so this is the hub of central Illinois.”

Clinton also takes pride in Abraham Lincoln’s local visits. Historian Becky Adams says the former president would spend a week in the spring and another week in the fall in Clinton, taking the time between 1839 and 1859. A statue of Lincoln sits in the downtown square as a focal point.

Downtown Lincoln has murals painted on its buildings, which are made out of brick and have been open since the early 20th century.

“I hope (people) appreciate the fact that we (have) every brick building that’s been built here since 1925,” Adams said. “There are very few squares that have all their buildings still.” 

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