Shelby Co. woman wins million dollar scratch off

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WINDSOR, Ill. (WAND) – A Shelby County Woman is a million dollars richer today.  Lisa Doss of WIndsor scratched a Cash Spectacular ticket and instantly won $1 million. “I was so shocked when I saw the prize amount, I started shaking and I couldn’t speak!” she said when she presented her winning ticket at the Illinois Lottery Prize Center in Springfield.

Doss was at EK Petro Mart, 1520 Kentucky Ave., in Windsor, when she bought and scratched her ticket.  “The   $300,000,000 Cash Spectacular tickets have been lucky for me.  Before this big win, I won two $1,000 prizes playing this game.”  She opted to receive her $1,000,000 prize as a one-time payment of $600,000 (less required withholding), and plans to invest the money.

EK Metro Mart received a bonus of $10,000, equal to one percent of the prize amount, for selling the winning ticket. 

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