Group voices support for gun law bill

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) – An Illinois group showed its support Wednesday for a bill that would change state gun laws.

“Moms Demand Action” gathered in Springfield to voice their approval of the Gun Dealer Licensing Act. The legislation would require businesses to have a license from the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation before selling, leasing or transferring firearms to a person or group. It would also create a five-member panel called the Gun Dealer Licensing Board to recommend further changes to policy after the act.

The ”Moms Demand Action” group says the legislation would protect children from gun violence.

“It saddens me that I have to send my children to school worrying that there may be a shooting,” said MDA volunteer leader Elly Hanauer. “We should really be able to go to school, to church (or) to concerts without the fear of gun violence.”

MDA leaders say gun laws aren’t strict enough in Illinois. The group is acting in campaigns to push for change.

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