Shoplifting increase during holiday season

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DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - Holiday season brings more shoppers and more shoplifters.

The Macon County Sheriff's Office says typically between November through January, they receive an increased number of shoplifting calls. Lieutenant Jamie Belcher with the Sheriff's Office says, "Biggest thing is, people just see the bigger displays of stuff that's in the stores that the stores are ramping up for the holiday shopping season. They see a bigger opportunity to actually steal some stuff."

Lauren Young, manager of Dale's Southlake Pharmacy, says her store has definitely seen an increase in shoplifters during the holiday season in the past years. She says, "It seemed like we were getting a few extra people in here thinking since we're a small business, we might not have the loss prevention that some of the larger retail stores have, but we always have a manager here or an owner, and we have extra staff here during the holidays."

Lieutenant Belcher says Tuesday, his department received 6 shoplifting calls in Forsyth in 6 hours. He says, if you see someone trying to steal an item, find the store manager or security.

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