Suspect manhunt underway after ATM armed robbery

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DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – An armed robbery at an ATM has left police searching for a suspect.

Police say it happened after 7 p.m. Wednesday at the intersection of Home Avenue and West Main Street in Decatur. Officers tell WAND-TV a man pulled a semi-automatic gun on someone as they used an ATM in the area.

This is the third reported ATM armed robbery in Decatur since the start of October. The other two happened at Land of Lincoln Credit Union, which can be found at 151 N. 22nd St.

Police say the suspect in this robbery is a black man standing at 5-foot-6 and weighing about 160 pounds. Officers say this person has shoulder-length dreadlocks and wore a Chicago Bulls windbreaker over a dark-colored sweatshirt at the time of the robbery.

Officers say the man left the scene on foot, heading north on Home Avenue after leaving West Main Street. 

Police are asking the public to avoid using ATMs that aren't in well-lit areas whenever possible. They say it's best to check surroundings for anyone lurking at night, adding people should leave the area and not use the machine at all if something looks out of place, especially during night hours.

WAND-TV will update this story as new information is released.

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