Doughnut food truck opens brick and mortar store

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WAND) - A local doughnut shop says they're making doughnuts the way they should be made: from scratch.

This doughnut shop started out as a couple's hobby.

"Pandamonium Doughnuts started back in 2013," Jame Kyung, the owner and founder, says. "But even before that, my wife and I - she was my girlfriend at the time - we were making doughnuts at home in our home kitchen in Champaign."

That's when friends realized just how good the doughnuts are.

"A couple of friends suggested we try selling our doughnuts at the Farmers Market in Urbana," Kyung says. "So we just showed up one weekend in June of 2013 and kind of sold out that day."

And they kept selling out. They bought a food truck and parked around campus but continually couldn't keep up with the demand, leading them to open a store front.

"Our doughnuts are... we like to think they are exceptionally tasty," Kyung says.

He says it's the process that makes them so good.

"We make everything from scratch, we use all scratch ingredients," Kyung says. "We don't use any premixes, any pre-made icing. We make almost all the toppings in house. We hand roll, hand cut and then we fry them and then we hand dip all the doughnuts and then we decorate them all. A lot of doughnuts we do are kind of unique in the flavors that we try."

The store front opened just one month ago and owners say it's been a sweet start.

"A lot of good positive responses," Kyung says.

Pandamonium Doughnuts is located on Windsor Road in Champaign.

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