Orpheum prepares for 'Snow Globe'

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WAND) - While the Orpheum Children's Science Museum is a historical landmark, it's also full of fun.

The children's museum say's they're really focused on students. The museum has several different exhibits.

These include a dinosaur dig in the courtyard and lizards and crabs in the live animal section.

While many exhibits can be targeted to a younger audience, the museum also has a volunteer program for local high schoolers.

Coming up this winter, their big event "Snow Globe" will take over the theater.

"So that's where we take our historic theater and turn it into a winter wonderland," Xander Hazel, the Events and Engagement Coordinator, says. "Honestly, I think it's enough to make the Griswalds jealous. There's so many lights, decorations, trees. We have an indoor sledding luge."

The museum says moving forward they hope to continue to engage visitors of all ages.

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