Tempers flare over government budgeting

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ILLINOIS (WAND) – Illinois’ financial situation may have deteriorated.

An assessment from Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza says Gov. Bruce Rauner’s administration spent $2.8 billion in the red, adding she doesn’t know what the money was spent on.

In response, the governor pointed to the other side of the aisle.

“Comptroller Mendoza criticizing an unbalanced budget that the Democrats passed and she has worked on is like a bank robber calling the police and saying ‘we have a problem,’” Rauner said.

Mendoza says she noticed the issue when the state applied for $6 billion in bonds, adding she believes Rauner will have to deal with the issue.

“He’ll have to go before the general assembly and make his case as to why they should pay for that $2.8 billion and how they can come up with the revenues,” Mendoza said. “This is on him.”

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