Webster Cantrell Hall gets facelift


DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - Jackson Ford Decatur has decided to give a deserving organization a little help with interior design.

The car dealership is donating thousands of dollars to renovate 26 rooms, multiple common areas and a game room. Michael Young, Jackson Ford Decatur Manager, is the mastermind behind the idea. He says himself along with other employees and community members will gather at Webster Cantrell Hall on November 19 to paint and decorate rooms according to how each child wants their room to look. 

Young says, "It's humbling because I just feel like we're vehicles to help other people out. I try to put myself there, I imagine my kids. We focus so much on the extra, and we don't think about the simple blessings and that's what I want to provide for them."

However, Young needs help from the community. He says he would like for each of the 26 kids to have someone with them as they redecorate their rooms. Each room will get new paint and large area rugs. He is asking for the community to donate any paint supplies like brushes or drop cloths. He also says, if anyone has any game systems or other items for a gaming room, he would be grateful if they donated the items to the project. Specifically, Young is looking for Playstations and multi-purpose game tables.

Young says, "This is a home. They're not under punishment. They shouldn't be restricted to think how they want to think. Their walls shouldn't have to be all white, they should have comfortable areas, and just try to give them an upgrade."

If you would like to donate money or items, go to Jackson Ford Decatur and ask for Michael Young.

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